21 2006
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20 2006
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An Appeal

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Tsarskoe Selo Automobile-Sports Club, being the successor of the Tsarskoe Selo Automobile-Sports Society, actively developing auto racing from the dawn of motoring in Tsarist Russia, intends to create the National Automobile Museum. The museum will be located in Tsarskoe Selo, in the former garage of His Imperial Majesty Nikolai II, directly adjacent to his favorite residence, the Alexander Palace. During the first stage in the creation of the museum, it is planned that the Gallery of Automotive Glory will be opened, which shall include the commemoration of distinguished personalities, organizers, sportsmen, and Pioneers of motoring in Russia. More details...

To realize this goal the Tsarskoe Selo Automobile-Sports Club is collecting all possible information from the beginning of the twentieth century (newspapers, journals, photographs, etc.) shedding light on that epoch, and is appealing to the descendants of those famous heroes motorists with a request to respond and take part in creating the galleries of Russian automotive glory.

We also appeal to all Russians and compatriots living outside Russia, to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of long suffering Russia, with a request for assistance in reviving Russian national property and for the recreation of one more Tsarskoe Selo sight the Imperial Automobile Museum.

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